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Regional Hardwood Floors LLC

Refinishing and Repairing All Types of Residential

and Commercial Hardwood Floors


What I Offer


At Regional Hardwood Floors LLC in Commerce City, Colorado, I mainly specialize in providing hardwood floor refinishing and repair services for various residential properties. Although I work alone, I do my job quickly and with keen attention to detail.


I also handle commercial buildings and facilities. Over the years, I have added a dozen new contractors and builders, as well as many school districts, to my clientele. They take advantage of my terrific service rates, professionalism, and dustless equipment.

You deserve to work with a company that goes the extra mile. That is why I have invested thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art vacuums to ensure the latest in dustless technology. I am constantly striving to achieve 99% dustless work so I can stand out as a true industry professional.

Athletic Floors

With my high-quality dustless riding system, you can ensure your people won’t be spending weeks cleaning the floors following a resurfacing session. This will save you hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees.

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